President IT & Engineering. represents a large number of reputed international manufacturers and suppliers for a variety of Security products since its debut in 2013. From the very beginning our motto has been “CUSTOMER FIRST”! For the quality service, our Customer Service Department has earned the satisfaction and trust of our respected clients. Our objective is to create a friendly, warm atmosphere for our clients, which allows them to choose and buy their computers according to their individual tastes and requirements. Our mission is to build a beautiful tomorrow, keeping in mind the frequent changes in taste and needs of a modern lifestyle. President IT has become a trusted name in the CCTV Camera Business in Bangladesh. From beginning, the company has earned the confidence and goodwill of its clients, within a short span of time, President IT always presents the best quality products and guaranteed to ensure durability and customer satisfaction. After sales services are also very efficient and sensitive to the customer’s needs. At every stage, the customer is informed and his/her decision is evaluated and is respected as much as possible President IT is also very concerned about maintaining the after sales service commitment, in order to uphold its image.