CC CCTV Camera Package Price in Bangladesh

With 100% successive benefits in securing privacy concerns of people, the use of CCTV cameras are increasing day by day. They are using CCTV cameras in their homes, business stores, and company premises. And all businesses have different security requirements. Whether you need a new CCTV surveillance system installed or looking to upgrade your current system, we, President IT and Engineering Company is the utmost trusted genesis for supporting you with the right services and solutions for you.

We are planning service including the area survey, draw the design and estimate the cost of our clients. We have the better cameras, hardware, recorder disk and other installment elements which make us unique about giving the best service to the clients.

We are giving best cc camera package price in bangladesh, we are also giving cc / cctv camera full set price in Bangladesh

CCTV Packages
Smart Security
State of the art equipment and technology, customized to suit your home.
Smart Automation
Control & monitor your home at the touch of a button.
Smart Energy
Regulate your home’s energy usage, no matter where you are!

Why Choose our company?

Many providers provide low cost CCTV system packages but at last give servicing too poor. That’s the dissimilation among them and us. We provide you the best video quality with the cheaper price. We have some best technical teams who are professional and experienced about this system concept. We provide you the best packages of CCTV cameras with some exciting deals.

We have designed different packages consisting of brand new CCTV cameras, DVR, storage device and other important accessories required to build a security system. Considering the cameras, we have used Dahua, Hikvision, Jovision brands HD & IP cameras with better resolution. Those brand cameras provide several facilities like remote accessibility, secure data transmissions through encryption and night vision facility. Quality adapter, connector and cables will be provided to complete the setup.

Best CC cameras are used for the packages with expert engineers for the installation. Our support team can go around the country to provide the solution. And we have many ideal packages to cover your expected areas. This facility helps our clients to save unusual waste of money.