CCTV Camera

Close Circuit Television Camera in short CCTV camera is just not only a camera or device, but also a system combination of camera (analog or digital), monitor, hard disk and other essential materials. It has a wide use for surveillance or other private purposes. It can be set in homes, business stores, industry plants, offices or any important areas where the safety issue is mandatory. In this modern world, any type of crime or incident can happen and the culprit or the incident can easily be identified if CCTV is set up there in before. CCTV cameras take the light signal from the view place and convert it as an electrical signal to video signal via signal processing and it is shown on monitor screen along with recorded in the recorder disk. There are so many types of CCTV cameras like- IR Box Camera, IR Dome Camera, Regular Box Camera, Regular Dome Camera, IP Box Camera, and Zoom Camera. The use of CCTV cameras depends on people’s choice and satisfaction with the service and quality of camera.

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